I’m the queen of excuses and I have plenty to explain my lack of blog posts lately. Don’t get me wrong, I think most some of them are pretty good. The almost 100 degree weather…working a lot…and not having my computer for the past week or so (someone who will not be named decided that my charger looked like a chew toy). Not blogging because I haven’t been running…now that’s a terrible excuse. It finally cooled off enough/I finally woke up early enough to fit a run in yesterday before I went to work. It’s amazing how running made me feel like a human being again! Of course…I haven’t found the motivation today yet. I did manage to drag myself to the nail salon down the street for a shellac manicure though…it matches the “Cajun Shrimp” nail polish on my toes!

This week I’ve really been trying to eat less at work. Working in a restaurant can definitely be difficult sometimes, especially when there are plenty of extra french fries, chili cheese nachos, and chips. I’m determined that this Summer won’t be forever remembered as the Summer that I ate my weight in french fries so I’m making a conscious effort to bring my own food to work from now on. I still occasionally snack at work (and I will never say no to a couple bites of cheesecake) but bringing my own meals and snacks means that I don’t leave at the end of the night feeling bloated from eating too many chips with bleu cheese dressing. Last week I made a delicious curried tuna salad with granny smith apple, fresh cherries, and almonds over spring mix that was inspired by a recipe in the Whole Foods flyer. Yesterday, in a moment of genius, I created the hamburger salad. Grass fed beef, Farmers Market tomatoes and spring mix (amazing), red onions, and dill relish with a little mustard on top. I decided not to take a picture because it looks very a little weird, but it’s definitely delicious.

Blogging has also been difficult because I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures of anything other than a previously mentioned little monster.

He’s a pretty cute excuse though.


Definition of Health

To define health is like trying to describe a pie. Does it have a crust? Fruit filling? What about shepherd’s pie? Whoopie pies? Is pizza a pie? Health means something different to all of us. I believe that health is both physical and mental. I feel healthy not only when I go for a run and eat well but also when I get enough sleep, spend time with my friends, and do things I love. To me, being healthy and being happy are closely related.

If this really is true, then nothing could be healthier than spending an hour getting a relaxing pedicure and laughing with some of my favorite people.

I couldn’t not pick this color when I read the name. All I have to say is: So True.

Laughing is definitely healthy

This was my first time getting a pedicure and I think I may be addicted now! Is it possible for an addiction to be healthy?