Your Feet Hurt Because You’re Kicking Butt

I remember the first time I saw this race sign I didn’t really get it.

Running has made my hamstrings hurt…my hips hurt…my knees hurt…and even my stomach hurt on occasion. But it never made my feet hurt.

Until I started doing long runs, that is.

I’ve been sticking to Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 training plan to prepare for the Run to Remember half marathon in Boston (11 days…yikes!) Before this, I hadn’t run farther than a 10K. As I started increasing my mileage and doing my long runs, I began to understand this sign.

Yes, my feet are hurting. And yes, I am kicking ass.


Run to Remember

In 2011, I dreamed of running a half marathon.

I’m not sure when this dream started. It might have been when I crossed the finish line of the Trail to Ale 10K and I was still standing. Or after reading other runners’ inspiring accounts of finishing their own half marathons.

I tend to be slightly self-deprecating when it comes to ideas like this. To me, running a half marathon was more of a dream than a reality. I could never run 13.1 miles.

But my dream grew as my runner friends asked me when (not if) I was going to sign up for a race. My response? “In 2012.”

Well, it’s 2012.

And this year, I am going to prove myself wrong.

I stumbled on this race a couple months ago and shared the link with my favorite runner friend, Kassi. We had both chatted about wanting to run a half marathon and I knew she’d be very interested. She suggested that we register immediately (that’s why she’s my favorite). Unfortunately, the timing was bad for me and I knew I’d have to wait until January to be able to afford the registration fee. We didn’t mention it again until she posted this message on my facebook wall:

So I checked my email and found this:

And on May 27th, 2012, I will be running this:

Let the training begin.