Go Read a Book

My strategy for New Year’s Resolutions this year was to make a bunch and hope at least one stuck…and it worked! Reading is something that I’ve always enjoyed (especially when I was a kid) but haven’t made much time for lately. My resolution to read one book a month has been relatively successful; There were a couple months I didn’t read and some months where I read three books in three days. Reading has been a wonderful (and relaxing) hobby that beats boredom. I read in bed, on the couch, on the front porch, in the park across the street, and at the beach. Best of all, it can be a FREE past-time!

I have a Kindle but find I do most of my reading on my iPhone. Before you picture me squinting at my phone trying to make out miniscule font, hear me out. The Kindle app is great. You can change the font size, the brightness, the layout (vertical and horizontal) and even change the colors so that the background is black and the text is white. This is very helpful when you’re reading in a dark room late at night and the brightness of the phone makes your eye close involuntarily (I know, it happened to me last night). I find the navigation and the simple tap the screen to turn the page motion much simpler than the clumsy buttons on the Kindle. I also, after a year and a half, can’t seem to remember that my Kindle isn’t touch screen (That’s not a complaint, just user error).

Oh, and did I mention that the Kindle app is free?? That’s my favorite part. Not only can you get the free app on your phone, but there’s also a version for tablets and computers.

Here’s the link to download free Kindle apps

After that, it’s super easy to download eBooks. One of my favorite strategies is to check out the “Top 100 Free” column on the right side of the Kindle eBooks page and the $3.99 and under section. A lot of the free books are steamy romance novels but there are some goods finds as well. Also, many of the classics (books from Jane Austen and Edgar Allen Poe, for example) are free in the Kindle store.

Having a Kindle in any form also comes in handy when you are so obsessed with the first Hunger Games book that you cannot possibly wait to start the second one (and third one). Yeah, that happened.


A New New Leaf

I miss blogging.

I tried to keep up with it…I really did. I just didn’t feel like my heart was in it though. And after a lot of thought, I concluded that my problem was that I had lost sight of what I wanted this blog to be. It had become more of a recap of what I do in my (less-than) exciting life and less about what I have learned about the how to be “healthy.” I became a health teacher because I want to help my students improve their health, since I had to figure out how to do that all by myself (and I’m still learning). That is what I want this blog to be as well: a place where I can share what has helped me lose over 30 pounds, set and meet goals, and love myself more. Of course, this is my perspective. What works for me might not work for everyone. My ultimate goal is to help people live longer, eat better, and enjoy life.

Also, I’d like to thank my friend Kirsten for reminding me that I can have a positive influence.


And because every post should have a picture, I will end with an excellent reminder to be present.