I Survived!

I survived 6.2 miles and I didn’t vomit or poop my pants! I started my morning around 7:15 with a banana smothered in sun butter and a cup of coffee. My roommate and I left the house around 8 and walked to the start of the race.

We may or may not have been a little nervous.
We lined up around the 9:00 minute mile mark and pretended to stretch. Then we ran into my friend Kassi!

The race started just after 9:00. It was a great day. It wasn’t too hot and the views were amazing.

I felt great till I hit the three mile mark. That’s when I realized I still had three more miles to go. Each mile after that felt longer and more hell-ish than the last. The worst was the slight uphill right before the 6 mile mark. The run was physically and emotionally draining and the whole time I kept reminding myself how great I’d feel at the end. When I crossed the finish line I felt like my legs were going to collapse but I was filled with an immense sense of accomplishment. I ran it in 57:17 and didn’t stop to walk at all, which means I met both of my goals for the race. I also had a great fan club.

After we celebrated with free beer and pizza.

And my favorite monster was there too.

I love endorphins.


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