Back in the Groove

I’m running again…and I have a new running partner to thank for the motivation! He’s 25 pounds and furry.

I would also like to thank the upcoming 10K and the cooler weather for their part in motivating me as well.

Speaking of the 10K…I got my dates mixed up and it’s not till the 18th. Phew!

On Tuesday I ran a mile loop around our neighborhood twice with Cash and then did this 2.6 mile route on my own (4.6 miles).

Today Cash and I did the same loop we did did Tuesday but ran it three times (3 miles). Before we ran we fueled with sunflower butter.

(Don’t worry, I didn’t let him eat out of the jar…I let him lick the spoon when I was done though!)

When I run with Cash I don’t listen to music so I only have to carry the leash, not my phone/iPod. I don’t mind though because I usually end up talking to Cash like the crazy cat dog lady that I am.

Ten days till Trail to Ale!


3 thoughts on “Back in the Groove

  1. Haha. I figured I would reply on here so we don’t keep blowing up Tina’s wall! Ryder actually does okay in the heat. I ended up shaving him a couple of months ago even though I didn’t want to cut his beautiful hair! He is so much cooler though, and it will grow back during the winter! I just reshaved him (his hair grows fast!) and it is much less hair to vaccuum up/lint roll.

    Funny you should mention chasing Cash down the street. Ryder found a little gap in our backyard fence and on Sunday he escaped. We called him several times from the back yard and he came sprinting across our neighbors’ backyards from several houses down. So mischevious! We will definitely have to fix the hole!

    • I saw the picture you posted of him shaved! I have to say, he looks cuter than I would expect a shaved Aussie to look. Cash is just starting to get crazy fluffy and he hasn’t started shedding much yet. I have a feeling that I’ll definitely want to shave him next Summer. And at least Ryder comes back! Once Cash gets away and finds something to chase he doesn’t come back for anything. This weekend he ran after a person on a bike and made it two blocks before I caught up to him. Luckily I live in a quiet one-way street because he isn’t afraid of cars.

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