Quinoa and Black Bean Salad

So I was inspired to create this recipe when my former roommate Corinne brought a similar (and equally delicious) salad back to school with her that her mom had made. I had no recipe but decided I wanted to recreate it. I literally ate the whole batch myself in a couple days when I made it at school. Trust me, it’s addicting.

Quinoa and Black Bean Salad

Step 1.

Cook 1 cup quinoa and 2 cups water on the stovetop. Catch up on reading blogs. Remember that you are cooking something on the stove and check on quinoa to make sure you haven’t burned it yet. Stir and let cool in a big mixing bowl.

Step 2.

Push aside all the junk on the island to take iPhone pictures of produce. Carefully arrange tomatoes (from Maine!!) so the light hits them just right. Then remember you’re only taking pictures with an iPhone so it probably doesn’t matter.

Remind yourself to remove stickers from produce so it doesn’t accidentally end up in the salad. By the way, I only used 3 of these tomatoes.

Step 3.

Scrape the seeds from the peppers into the trash can while wondering why in the world the trash smells so bad.

While you’re at it, remove the seeds and pulp from the tomatoes as well.

Step 4.

Chop the peppers and tomatoes and dice half a red onion that you almost forget to take the skin off of. Arrange in piles on cutting board, placing the red pepper and red tomatoes on either side of the green pepper so it looks better. Give up when you don’t know what to do with the onions.

Step 5.

Drain and rinse a can of black beans that were purchased from your favorite grocery store.

Add beans and vegetables to quinoa and mix. Realize that you forgot to take off a sticker from one of the peppers and fish it out of the salad.

Step 6.

Make the dressing: squeeze the crap out of two questionable looking limes and collect the juice in a small mixing bowl. Add a few glugs olive oil (maybe 1/4 cup), some salt, and some pepper. Whisk vigorously while thinking about how great of an arm workout you’re getting. Add in some finely minced cilantro (I used half the bunch).

Step 7.

Pour dressing over salad and mix so that everything is coated. Dish out three lunch-sized portions to hide in the back of the fridge because you’re worried your sister is going to eat the entire bowl while you’re at work. Cover, refrigerate, and cross your fingers that it lasts longer than a couple days.


4 thoughts on “Quinoa and Black Bean Salad

  1. First of all, iPhones take AMAZING pictures! And thank you for cleaning off the island so the pics look bettter, hahaha. This was incredibly funny!!!! Keep ’em coming Rachel!

  2. Those limes were wayy too old. I just bought some organic quinoa, falafel and coconut curry. I also realized that I dont do enough outside of work to equivilate to enough substance for a blog. My blog would be something like ‘I worked 13.5 hours. my legs hurt from being PT’d by meatheads, my ears hurt from the cold. I got home and was emotionally attacked by Salvador. I passed out from exhaustion on the sofa. I woke up 8 hours later to get ready for work and do it all over again. Locked cat in crate because he is a terror. Ate too much. Didnt drink at all.’

    I like your life better. And I like your blog 🙂

    • Hahaha you’re hilarious. I was a slacker blogger this week because all I would have written about was “Went to Binga’s to watch the Bruins and drank a little too much. Didn’t get enough sleep. Didn’t run. Went to Old Port Fest and blacked out at 4PM. Ate half a pizza at 2AM.”

      I’m back on track though! I’m eating vegetables and I ran 4 miles today! It was a veeeery painful four miles though…at least the second half was.


  3. Girlfriend this is what im making for supper. In fact i miss you AND corinne, and i hope to see you OH so soon for a doggie date! your puppy is ADORABLE, and will be big enough to hike as soon as i get to maine in august :). thanks for the supper idea. love you girl!

    oh and keep blogging. I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEE IT!

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