Definition of Health

To define health is like trying to describe a pie. Does it have a crust? Fruit filling? What about shepherd’s pie? Whoopie pies? Is pizza a pie? Health means something different to all of us. I believe that health is both physical and mental. I feel healthy not only when I go for a run and eat well but also when I get enough sleep, spend time with my friends, and do things I love. To me, being healthy and being happy are closely related.

If this really is true, then nothing could be healthier than spending an hour getting a relaxing pedicure and laughing with some of my favorite people.

I couldn’t not pick this color when I read the name. All I have to say is: So True.

Laughing is definitely healthy

This was my first time getting a pedicure and I think I may be addicted now! Is it possible for an addiction to be healthy?


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